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Feb. 17 | 11:00am | When I feel lonely, Jesus is with me

Feb. 17 | 11:00am | When I feel lonely, Jesus is with me

Kids experience a lot of emotions, and God can help them deal with every emotion they feel! Through this series, kids will learn to identify their emotions and respond to them in the way God wants. They will see how to use the blueprints of God’s Word to manage their feelings by following these steps:

  1. STOP – to name the emotion you are feeling
  2. LOOK – at what is going on inside you and around you to make you feel that way
  3. LISTEN – to what God says about that feeling

We looked at a story from the Bible about Jesus and a woman He met at a well to help us understand how to deal with our feelings of loneliness. Jesus wasn’t really supposed to talk to the woman at the well because He was so different from her. But He didn’t let that stop Him, because He had a gift to give her which was living water. This gift helped her see that she should never have to feel alone again because Jesus would always be with her.

Just like water satisfies thirst, Jesus satisfies hearts with His love that never runs out.

Feb. 17 | 11:00am | When I feel lonely, Jesus is with me

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The 2020 Super Sunday at Aloma Church features:

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