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I am a blessed man! God has allowed me to call the most beautiful, talented, and God-fearing woman I know to be my wife! He has given to us two absolutely wonderful, full-of-energy, always-on-the-go children.

Eli is our 1 year old. We call him BudBud the TANK. I don’t know where the name “BudBud” came from…but “the tank” portion is very fitting! As the nursery workers know, he will walk over, through, or under anything to get what he wants. He is our happy kid!

Abby is our 5 year old. We have always said that Abby is super special and God has an awesome calling on her life! She is the greatest kid I know with the purest heart. If she thinks a bad thought she will say, “Daddy, I thought about pushing BudBud (Eli) down and I know that’s a sin so I won’t do it…instead, I will go sit in the corner for thinking that.” Oh my sweet Abby! She cried for the first year of her life and the past 4 years she has not stopped talking! She is so special!

So the other day this dialogue occurs between my wife Sarah and Abby:

A. Momma, how old is God?
S. He isn’t an age. He has always been. There has never been a time when God hasn’t existed.

A. So He’s all the ages?
S. Yes, I suppose you could say that.

A. So this Christmas, He could be 100 and then next Christmas he can be 30 if He wants to?
S. Abby, my brain hurts now!

God is eternal. So He is outside of time and space. There are no years or months or days in eternity. No hours or minutes or seconds there. God has always been, always is, and always will be (Revelation 1:4). The Triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is eternal past, eternal present, and eternal future. There has never been a time He wasn’t. He always was. He always is. And He always will be! At this point, let me say MIND = BLOWN!!!

My simple mind cannot comprehend this great truth. Everything we have been taught is based out of a Greco-Roman, modernistic, scientific mindset. Everything is observable. Everything is measurable. Well….that is simply not true. And it hurts our brain when our worldview is distorted. But we should be okay with that. Jesus was a master at taking what seemed normal and turning it upside down. He said to be first, you gotta be last! You want to be exalted, then you must be humble. That is God’s economy.

So, since God is outside of time, even though we can’t truly comprehend that, it means there is a really neat truth that we must discover!

God Has No Limits. God is not limited by what limits us. We are governed on this Earth by time. It is inescapable. Sure, we could go live in outer space, but you will have to eventually come back! So, when we have a deadline and it passes and things didn’t work the way we had hoped, remember God is not bound by the same limits! Furthermore, when all hell seems to be breaking lose and all hope is seemingly gone…that is the essential ingredients for the making of a miracle! See John 11:1-44.



About Wesley Baldwin

Dr. Wesley Baldwin received his PhD from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. A visionary leader who has a passion to see the lost saved and the saved discipled, Pastor Wes leads the church with a vision that centers on Jesus while doing whatever it takes to see people experience life change.


  • Pastor, thanks for sharing. What a might God we serve! I am amazed and humbled that such a mighty God cares for me, wants a relationship with me, sent His Son for me (the list goes on)…I am with Sarah…my brain hurts. I am trusting His truths found in scripture and holding on to His promises!

  • I agree 100 percent. I am a “deep” thinker. Sometimes I feel like my brain is going to explode when I think how awesome He is. To try to understand that He aways was, is and will be just “blows my mind”!

    A couple of weeks ago you were preaching about the Holy Spirit and how Baptist are afraid to mention Him. In my life I was taught not to “grieve the Spirit” so perhaps others have been also. Just a thought.

    Keep up the great preaching and teaching. As a “old” saint, it is refreshing to find I can still be taught.

    In Him

  • God is ETERNAL!Judy Brown says:

    As always, your words reach my heart. I thank God for allowing our paths to cross. I love you and your sweet family. Yes, sometimes trying to understand all the mysteries can cause my brain to hurt, but knowing He’s was there yesterday, today and tomorrow puts a smile in my heart.

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