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Jan. 20 | 9:30am | I Will Be Patient

Jan. 20 | 9:30am | I Will Be Patient

This week, the kids learned that it is important to God for us to be patient. We joined a boy named Mardy on his final training mission for the Help Corps. On the mission, Mardy went to Canyon Island to help a boy named Spike learn to be patient. Spike wanted to open a treasure chest, but it was on the other side of the canyon and he wasn’t patient enough to wait for the drawbridge to cross. After Mardy taught him that God wants him to be patient even when it’s rally hard, he finally waited for the bridge and got to the treasure chest. We looked at a story from the Bible where David wanted to build something very special for God, the temple. But God told him that he wasn’t going to be then to build it, his son, Solomon, was going to be the one. Even though it wasn’t what he wanted, David was patient while he waited for Solomon to grow up and start the temple.


Jan. 20 | 9:30am | I Will Be Patient

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The 2020 Super Sunday at Aloma Church features:

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