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Jan. 6 | 9:30am | I Will Be Kind When Others are Mean

This week, the kids joined a boy named Mardy on a training mission for the Help Corps. On the mission, Mardy went to Fun Island to help two friends named Becka and Sten learn: I will be kind when others are mean. A mean bully cut in front of them in the roller coaster line, and at first Becka and Sten wanted to get him back, but Mardy taught them that God wanted them to be kind even when other people are mean to them, so they ended up giving the bully a lollypop and riding more rides with him. We looked at a true story from the Bible about King Saul who was mean to David. In this story, David decided to be kind to the king instead of being mean even though the king was very mean to him.


Erin Blankenship

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