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Parent Cue – High School – Underrated
Series: Underrated
Series: Underrated

1 TIMOTHY 4:12;

Only you can own your faith.


1 TIMOTHY 6:20 

Only you can own your actions.


1 TIMOTHY 5:1-2

Give ownership to someone older.



We tend to become like the people we follow. Share a story from your childhood about how someone in your life (maybe your parent) modeled faith and how that impacted your faith today—the way you view faith, your habits, and so on. Ask your teen if they’ve seen faith modeled by someone they know.


Think of a time when making the right decision was the difficult or unpopular thing to do (maybe it was a decision at work or when you were in high school). Share about that experience with your teen and why you’re glad you did the right thing. Ask your teen if they’ve ever been in a similar situation, and remind them that you’re always available to talk through those moments when they come up.


Sometimes dealing with people who are older is difficult. Can you think of an older person you struggled with who later impacted you in a positive way? Share that story with your teen. Then, ask your teen if there are any adults they’ve been struggling with recently or ones who’ve really impacted them.


“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12 NIV


Series: UnderratedMORNING TIME

Our teens are often worrying and wondering about the day ahead. Ask them what they’re anticipating for their day. What are they excited about? Nervous about? Curious about? Listen well and you’ll learn a lot about their heart and world. Do your best to not down play what feels big to them. Encourage them and let them know you’re praying for them today!

Series: UnderratedMEAL TIME

Find time to enjoy a meal with your teen this week. It can be at home or out. Do your best to get rid of distractions like cell phones or the TV, and just chat with your teen. Find out what’s happening with their friends, what they’re excited about, or even what things they want to put on the calendar this summer.

Series: UnderratedTHEIR TIME

Self care is an important skill to learn. Finding things that fill you, encourage you and rejuvenate you is huge. What healthy ways have you noticed your teen likes to refuel? Fun with friends? Reading a great book? Hanging out at a local coffee shop? Listening to music? Whatever it is, next time they mentioned feeling stressed or bored or tired or anxious, encourage them toward healthy self-care.

Series: UnderratedBED TIME

Have you ever noticed that your teen wants to have real conversations late at night? This week, try not to assume it’s a stall tactic to avoid studying or avoid going to bed and see if you can lean into the conversation. Let them tell you all the things. Listen. Pray. Encourage them. Remind them that you and God care deeply about the little and the big things.

Series: Underrated

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