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WEEKS 1 & 2 (March 1-10)

By March 1, 2018Watchman
Wesley Baldwin

About Wesley Baldwin

Dr. Wesley Baldwin received his PhD from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. A visionary leader who has a passion to see the lost saved and the saved discipled, Pastor Wes leads the church with a vision that centers on Jesus while doing whatever it takes to see people experience life change.

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  • Clark Green says:

    I pray for our pasted and his family Sarah, Abigail, and Elijah thanks be to God for bringing this family toaloma. I am so grateful to be a part in the watchman prayer, helps me to be more focus on the needs in Orlando and the world around me. This week 1/8/18 my time slot 1 am second week , I pray as i follow the prayer formats weekly will also continue in my always prayer time. Ma God bless alom a church and all the churches taking part in this hour of prayer.

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DECEMBER 15 – Normal Sunday Times for Worship and Groups

DECEMBER 22 – One Morning Worship Service at 10:30am

DECEMBER 22 - Heaven’s Hope (Night of Worship) at 6:00pm

DECEMBER 24 – Christmas Eve Service at 6:00pm

DECEMBER 29  – One Morning Worship Service at 10:30am