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The Art of Marriage

Wednesdays beginning May 24

6:30pm-8:00pm | Room HP2 2228

Marriage, the way God intended it to be, is a true art form. The Art of Marriage weaves together expert teaching, real-life stories, humorous vignettes, and more to portray both the challenges and the beauty of God’s design. In The Art of Marriage, over 40 ministry leaders provide biblically-centered teaching while couples who have struggled in marriage openly and honestly share their stories of pain, loss, forgiveness, and grace.

Leader: Todd Haymans
Cost: Free
Length: 6 weeks
Register Now: The Art of Marriage
Contact: [email protected]

Listen, Love, Repeat

Wednesdays, Begins Jun 7

6:30pm-8:00pm | Room HP1 2306

Our culture is self-obsessed – in our schedules, relationships, and especially online. (Can you say selfie?) But in this near-narcissism, people are less content than in decades past. Why? Because we forgot the joy that comes from putting others first. Listen, Love, Repeat offers biblical teaching and suggests doable actions that are simple, heart-tugging, sentimental, even sneaky and hilarious.

Leader: Connie Butterfield
Cost $18
Length: 6 weeks
Register: Listen, Love, Repeat | Ladies Class
Contact: [email protected]

What Every Christian Ought to Know

Wednesdays Beginning May 17

6:30pm-8:00pm | Room HP1 2336D

Just as plants need certain essentials to grow—light, water, and fertile soil – so do new Christians—babes in the faith. Without these essentials—the basic truths of the faith—they will never establish strong roots or bear fruit. What Every Christian Ought to Know seeks to give intellectual truth, and also to provide the “spiritual nutrients” required to produce mature faith.

Leader: Clade Blackwell
Cost: Free
Length: 8 weeks
Register Now:What Every Christian Ought to Know
Contact: [email protected]