Ways to Give to Aloma Church

Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this, says the LORD Almighty, and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it. Malachi 3:10

We give as an act of worship because Jesus first gave to us. Your faithfulness in giving allows Aloma Church to fulfill her vision of centering ourselves on Jesus while doing whatever it takes for people to experience life-change here in Central Florida and around the world!


You can make a one-time gift or setup a recurring gift through our secure website using your bank account or bank card (credit or debit). It’s easy to give and support Aloma Church and our ministries!

Give using our online giving platform, Pushpay:


Text Message

Initial Use of Text Giving:

  1. Text “ALOMACHURCH” and “Amount” to 77977 (e.g., ALOMACHURCH 50).
  2. Tap link to complete one-time registration.
  3. Confirm Amount and Giving Type > tap Next.
  4. Confirm payment method > tap Give.
  5. You will receive a confirmation text and email for your donation.

Subsequent Use of Text Giving:

  1. Text “Amount” to 77977 (e.g., 50).
  2. You will receive a confirmation text and email for your donation.

Pushpay App

Download the Pushpay App at the App Store or Android Google Play.

Cash or Check

Give Sunday morning in the offering plate. Please note that checks are processed electronically and on Monday may be deducted from your account immediately.

Giving Boxes

Simply place your tithes and offerings in one of the giving boxes conveniently located by each door in the Worship Center.

By Mail

You may mail your gift personally or through your bank’s bill pay service to:
Aloma Church
1815 SR 436
Winter Park, Florida 32792

Other Options

We have members who donate various non-monetary items to Aloma Church (e.g., stocks, bonds, land, and gold). Please contact the church office for more information prior to making a gift of this type.


When you shop online, Amazon.com will give a donation to Aloma Church! Set up an AmazonSmile account now with Aloma Church Ministries Inc. as the charitable organization of your choice. Do your shopping as usual, with the same prices and service, and Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to Aloma Church!

Please note that for Aloma Church to receive a donation, you must make your purchases through the AmazonSmile website smile.amazon.com. Purchases through Amazon’s mobile app do not qualify.

Additional information may be found at AlomaSmile.

Giving Questions & Answers

How Should I Give?
Giving an offering to God is an act of worship. Therefore, it’s a matter between you and Him. The important thing in giving is that we see the offering as a blessing and not a burden. The Bible tells us to give to God from a cheerful heart (2 Cor. 9:6-7).

How Much Should I Give?
How much you give is between you and the Lord. However, God does give us a standard amount in the Bible. Scripture tells us we are to tithe our income. The tithe is the first 10% of our income. It is where Christians should start in their giving. Many of our members choose to give offerings above the tithe in order to support the ministries of Aloma Church.

Is Tithing For Today?
Tithing is found in the Old Testament but it is applicable for the Church today. The practice of tithing was performed long before Moses received the Law (Gen.14:19-20). Therefore, the tithe is a Principle of Scripture instead of a Law of Scripture.

What Did Jesus Say About Tithing?
In Matt. 23:23, Jesus commends the Pharisees for their act of tithing. He said it was good they did that. However, the Lord pointed out the Pharisees’ impure motives and Jesus ultimately condemned them because they gave out of a selfish heart.

Where Should I Give My Tithe?
The purpose of the tithe was to build God’s house and to share His message (Mal. 3:10). There are many great ministries Christians should support financially, but the tithe is to go to your church.

What Happens to My Tithes and Offerings?
We take stewardship as serious as we expect you to take your giving. We have an internal Comptroller and an independent Finance Committee who oversee administration and utilization of funds. Aloma Church performs internal and independent annual external audits to ensure financial accountability.

For additional questions about giving or Aloma Church’s finances, please contact Bob Beard, Executive Director / Comptroller, at [email protected].